Thursday, December 27, 2012

PCeU Metropolitan Police Virus - Specialist Crime Directorate Police Central e-crime Unit Scam

Computer is locked by Specialist Crime Directorate Police Central e-crime Unit with a warning message ''Your PC is blocked due to at least one of the reasons specified below''? Metropolitan Police Ukash seems to be a popular topic but don't know how you get it too? Read this passage to come into a greater understanding of PCeU Ukash virus, we well as its removal with the help of Tee Support online tech support team.

PCeU Virus Definition

PCeU ransomware,  is one of Ukash or fake police scam that is intended for the sole purpose of swindling users money by blocking theris access to the computers in the guise of PCeU authority, as well as Specialist Crime Directorate Police Central e-crime Unit. According to the warning message, the system is locked due to copyright and pornography violations and a fine of £100 must be paid within 72 hours, otherwise a criminal case is going to be initialed since your personality and address are identified. The automatically turned-on camera which records what is happening around makes the announcement more authentic and convincing.

PCeU virus mainly target Britain users that have a Windows 7, Windows XP or Windows vista running on the computer. Some users may freak out at the first sight of the popup window that won't go away no matter how many times they restart the computer, and have no choice but to buy a UKash or paysafecard voucher to pay for the alleged PCeU insititute. It's undoubtedly a waste of money since the Trojan won't go away in such a way. But you should not expect PCeU virus will go away as time goes by. On the contrary, the longer it dwells in the system, the more dangerous it could be. There are reports that the Trojan may block safe mode with networking too. Take above all, by no means should you pay for the scam, instead you should try your best to get rid of PCeU Metropolitan Police Ukash virus the first time around.

Have a Brief Look at PCeU Virus Lockout Page

Ukash Ransom Distribution and  Removal

Ukash is triggered by stealthy Trojan which steals your IP and other system information before launching the fake popup window from Police Central e-crime Unit Metropolitan Police. It's believed that the Trojan malcode is embedded in compromised or hacked website in most cases and drives the download once upon the click. It's also observed that some pirated program may also encompass the Trojan too. Once the ransomware executes, the fake police windows is displayed without options to block your access to desktop and any other program. You can do nothing to stop the window, nor can you restart the computer normally. In this situation, decent antivirus helps little either since it keeps either deactivated or frozen even after you manage to terminate the fake police window temporarily. In order to manually remove PCeU ransom Trojan, you need to locate and delete the infectious files and questionable registry entries. Don't know where to start or worry that you may screw it up? Please click here to get more technical details or click here to contact a 24/7 online expert for further details.

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