Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Computer Locked By AFP Ukash Scam - Australian Federal Police Virus Removal Help

Q 1:  All of a sudden, an Australian Federal Police window came up while I was working online this morning. I am freaking out since I am going to be prosecuted even arrested according to this police announcement. My first response was to shut down the computer. What should I do now?
You won't be involved in any law case, nor should you pay a fine for supposedly committed crime. No police institute will punish a criminal by displaying a popup window in their computers. The answer is that you got hacked. So calm down and take it easy, all you need to deal with is the virus, to unblock AFP Ukash virus to be specific.

Q 2: The infected computer seems to be frozen. I cannot open registry editor nor start menu. The lockout page won't stop until I power down. Will I lose saved working on it? Can any body walk me through this horrible infection?
You are not alone to struggle with the stubborn and sophisticated fake Australian Federal Police virus. This post and Tee Support online tech support team will help find the appropriate way to bypass AFP Ukash window permanently.

Your Compute Has Been Locked - A Internet Page from AFP with a Fine of AUD100

This AFP (Australian Federal Police)  message -"Your computer has been blocked" is generated from a version of Uksah clan which has enveloped many countries and districts and locally target average Windows users. The cyber crooks masquerades themselves as multiple police agency with corresponding badges, currency and languages to lock computer's screen with several illegal activities. This malware is targeted at PC users from Australia, tricking unsuspecting PC users into paying a faulty fine of 100 Australian dollars for supposedly-made law violations. In order to make it more authentic, it even turns on the camera to record what happening around and shows pictures saved in the system.

AFP message shouldn't be trusted and it's a waste of money to pay the fine to cyber criminals since you won't get your computer unblocked in this way. The ransom Trojan behind will keep staying and cause further damage to the Windows 7, XP or Vista system, plus saved files and safety of Internet surfing. It's observed that drive-by-download and compromising websites are used to spread their deceptive screen lockers. Therefore computer users should keep an eye on the email attachments and player update or other unknown program. In case you got hit with a Windows locker ransom, don't panic and set about getting rid of Ukash virus as early as possible.

AFP Ransom Page Image

AFP Ukash Ransom Removal

Ukash Trojan may block access to desktop, task manager, registry editor and any other program in the wild to make the computer usable, let to speak of any possibility to activate an antivirus program to pick up and delete the Trojan. To make things worse, the fake police virus conceals itself as a legit part of Windows system and get executed with Windows startup. Many users find that it helps little in safe mode with networking. Besides it drops its harmful file in Windows folder with random or ambiguous names. The Trojan may update itself too and change the database according to the system condition which adds difficult to the removal. Right now manual method is the best approach to remove AFP Ukash virus. Please click here to get more website details or click here to contact a 24/7 online expert for more details.

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